24 hours/365 days a year, individual cover for personal accident and sickness where the insured person is injured or ill and cannot work. We also offer Outside Working Hours and Working Hours Only cover.

Target Market

  • Sole operators
  • Small Business
  • Refer to Occupation list in Fact Sheet

What we keep away from

  • Arborists
  • Underground mining
  • Riggers
  • Professional sports

Underwriting information
required for a quote

  • What benefits they require e.g. $50K lump sum benefit $1K Weekly benefits
  • Age and DOB of the client
  • What their Job is (what they do)
  • Claims History (if any)
  • Do they regularly participate in any high hazard hobbies e.g. Heli skiing, rodeo, game shooting?
  • Note that white collar occupation minimum excess is 7 days & blue collar minimum excess is 14 days