1.  Logging In 

2.  Trouble Shooting

3.  Accessing Documents

Quote Amendments 

Mid Term Alterations & Renewals 

6.  Commercial Legal Protection




Logging In 

How do I access Generate? 

You will require an account to log into Generate. Simply email [email protected] to request a login and you’ll receive details within 24 hours to your email.    

When you log in for the first time you will need to set up your password and complete a multi-factor authentication, which keeps your and your client’s information safe. For further information for first time users click here 


Trouble Shooting

Email [email protected] 

Phone (03) 9654 6100 

If in Generate, speak to an underwriter in the chat function 

How do I know which occupation to pick? 

If you’ve checked the list and are still unsure, use the chat function to speak to an underwriter.   

My submission referred, what happens next?

When your submission refers you are given the opportunity to immediately upload a completed proposal form (if you have one – it doesn’t need to be one of ours) and this is sent directly to an underwriter to prepare terms.  

A blank proposal form is also emailed to you in case you don’t have a completed proposal form, including the details where you should send the completed proposal to.  

What is the maximum limit you offer online?

Professional Indemnity $5,000,000. We can consider a $10,000,000 Professional Indemnity limit, email us so our underwriters can look at the risk  

Public Liability $20,000,000  

Management Liability          All referred  

Corporate Travel Pre-set benefits for Platinum Silver and Gold as per table of benefits.  If you require additional/custom benefits, please email a&[email protected] for Platinum Plus.  

Do I need to complete a proposal form to bind cover?

For Professional Indemnity and General Liability: 

If your quotation does not refer, it will be emailed to you together with a pre-populated short proposal form based on the information entered into Generate. The client will need to simply review, sign and date within 7 days of inception in order to finalise cover.  

For Corporate Travel: 

Not required 

Can you match the retroactive date online?

Yes, there is an option to provide the retroactive date whilst obtaining a quote.  It is also requested that the insured’s expiring schedule is sent through to us within seven days to confirm the retroactive date. 

Can I get a quote for multi-limits?

All IT and combined PI/PL quotes contain options for $1M, $2M and $5M limits for Professional Indemnity and $5M, $10M and $20M limits for Public Liability. 

Non-white collar General Liability quotes are single limit only. 

Can I see quotes that other broker in my office have made?

As logins are specific to each broker, at present you cannot see quotes that brokers in your office have made.   


Accessing Documents


Where do I get the quote document from?

When your quotation is approved, you will automatically be emailed:  

  • A quotation for you as broker, noting your commission and net amount due to Solution  
  • A quotation for your client, which includes the broker fee you’ve indicated in your submission  
  • The policy wording  
  • A pre-populated, short-form proposal form for completion and signing by the client.  

You can also download these documents at any stage by logging back into Generate and selecting the ‘All Quotes’ tab. Find the quote and there will be a ‘Documents’ option which will allow you to download the quote document.  

How can I obtain a Certificate of Currency?

 Click on the All Quotes tab and you’ll find a button for Certificate of Currency. The Certificate of Currency will then be emailed to you. 

How can I note an interested party?

This will need to be manually added by an underwriter so give us a call or email [email protected]  


Quote Amendments 

Can I amend the business description?

An Underwriter will need to approve any change to the standard business description. If you’ve already obtained a quote on Generate, if change is agreed upon, our underwriters can simply amend on our end and send updated terms to you.   

Can I amend the dates of cover?

You can edit quotations by choosing Edit on the All Quotes tab.  

Once cover is bound, please email [email protected] and a mid-term adjustment quote will be sent to you.  


Mid Term Alterations & Renewals 

Can I get renewal terms online?

Not at this stage.  You will be sent a renewal invitation well in advance of the policy’s expiry. We endeavour to offer renewal functionality in the future.  

Can I cancel a bound policy online?

Simply email [email protected] and advise you no longer wish to go ahead with the policy, and we will cancel it as at the date advised.    

Commercial Legal Protection 

Is commercial legal protection mandatory?

No, commercial legal protection is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.

If the client raises an action against one of their distribution partners who is based overseas from within the Commonwealth of Australia, would this be covered?

The commercial legal protection policy only responds to legal action within the Commonwealth of Australia.

Do I need to complete a proposal form?

No proposal form is required.

Is there a waiting or qualifying period?

There is a 90-day wait period which applies to new policies but only for Heads of Cover 1: Contractual Disputes and Heads of Cover 2: Tax Audit