Designed to help SME businesses deal with unexpected legal issues not already covered by their other insurance policies.

Key Highlights

  • Access to a free legal advice service managed by one of Australia’s prominent legal firms.
  • Affords targeted advice from a lawyer relating to any problem directly associated with the client’s core business activities
  • Designed to defend and pursue potential legal disputes related to the client’s core business activities
  • Designed for SME businesses across all industries and professions, with the exception of legal firms only.
  • Complementary to other classes of insurance, helping to curb the need for full-scale litigation
  • Broad definition of Insured: includes any individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust, limited liability company, unincorporated organisation, or other legal entity
  • Lloyd’s of London security


No proposal form required 
Limits & Excess
Maximum Limits of Liability: $100,000 any one claim $250,000 in the Aggregate per Insured
Excess: $1,000 Any One Claim
Minimum Premium: Depending on your client’s fee income/turnover, premiums start from just $200 **plus fees and charges

How to get a quote:
All we need to provide a quote is:

  • Client name & address
  • Industry/occupation (the only occupation we do not insure is lawyers)
  • Client’s total fee income/turnover (previous 12 months or next 12 months OK)
  • Number of client’s staff across Australia (how many employees in each state)