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We provide Professional Indemnity, General Liability and Management Liability

Professional Indemnity

Our stand-alone Professional Indemnity policy has been developed to cater for a wide range of occupations, activities and professions. With strong financial security we can offer comprehensive cover, broad underwriting appetite, competitive premiums and simple transactions.

Solution Underwriting has dedicated PI underwriting professionals who possess the industry experience and understanding to provide secure and bespoke solutions for you and your clients’ needs.

Solution ONE

ONE Proposal Form
ONE Quote
ONE Closing
ONE Policy Schedule
ONE Period of Insurance
It’s all in ONE: Solution ONE

Our revolutionary combined product is designed to combine Professional Indemnity (PI), Public Liability and Management Liability insurance predominately for the SME market. The product is PI lead and offers the ease and comfort of a composite wording for clients who prefer their insurance bundled with one insurer. The principal of Solution ONE is one proposal form, one quote, one closing, one policy schedule and one wording.

Professional Indemnity Target Market

Our underwriting appetite caters for most occupations, from SMEs including bookkeepers, management consultants, real estate agents and accountants, to more complex or multi-faceted risks which require a customised approach including technical consulting risks, resource professionals, engineers and design and construct risks.

What we keep away from

  • Valuers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Finance Brokers
  • Financial Planners

Underwriting information
required for a quote

  • A fully completed proposal form applicable for the occupation ie: engineers, miscellaneous, info tech
  • Any applicable addendums necessary for further information ie: real estate, recruitment, cladding
  • Relevant qualifications, CV of the insured
  • Any additional information such as client brochures or website
  • Full claims information if applicable

Solution ONE Target Market

  • Part A – PI: as this product is PI lead, the occupations we write under our PI policy would be the same in our Solution ONE appetite.
  • Part B – PL: we prefer white collar office risks, but can accommodate other occupations through our stand alone Public and Products Liability product
  • Part C – ML: varied industries considered but again usually the occupations we can offer PI cover are preferred The ML section includes an option for a sub-limited Cyber Extension

What we keep away from

  • Part A – PI: Valuers, mortgage brokers, finance brokers
  • Part B – PL: High risk, non-white collar PL occupations
  • Part C – ML: Start-ups, sole traders, companies with over 100 employees, clients with an extensive claims history

Underwriting information
required for a quote

  • A Solution ONE proposal form
  • Any additional information such as client brochures or website
  • Audited financials if available